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Spicer ES52-7B Transmissions for sale

The ES52-7B is a 7 speed manual transmission for large heavy duty trucks. It is for commercial purposes only. The Spicer ”ES” prefix stands for Easy Shift. Part of Dana Holding company [a supplier of axles, big rig highway transmissions and drive-train components], Spicer was incorporated in 1904 as Spicer Universal Joint Manufacturing Company by Clarence Spicer. In 1909 it was re-named Spicer Manufacturing Company. Every model Dana/ Spicer transmission is inventoried for super service, including a Spicer ES52-7B transmission for sale sitting in front of me.

Spicer builds extreme duty driveline components, not used anymore in light duty trucks, Chevrolet and GMC offered a Spicer transfer case in the 1966 GMC 1 ton four wheel drive pickup. I owned one. It was an overkill to say the least and was not used for more than two years by the light duty division of GM before they went to a smaller more economical setup.

I’m not an authority on the large commercial sized manual transmissions. It is more of an application problem. Manual transmissions all work about the same way and that I understand.

My suggestion is to call and speak with our Spicer transmission specialist and jaw with him for a while. If you own a Spicer transmission, I’m sure you know what you have and what you want. Call us and find out why we supply plenty of large fleets and many commercial operations with any type of transmission needed. Fast service is part of the deal. Call now and get your ride rolling.

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