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Tremec T56 (MM6) Manual Transmissions

Tremec T56 Manual Transmissions For Sale

Tremec T56 Manual Transmissions For Sale

These six-speed manual transmissions are known throughout the industry for its ability to withstand extreme torque loads such as those demanded by the Corvette’s LS1 and LS6 engines, as well as rigors of competition driving. Nevertheless, it’s an extremely flexible unit. In addition to outstanding strength, the use of six speeds offers a wide range of ratios, allowing for a tall first gear for outstanding off-the-line acceleration, as well as over-driven fifth and sixth gears for a high top speed and good fuel economy while cruising.

Blocker rings are an intermediary buffering part between the synchronizer sleeve and the gear cone. When the synchronizer sleeve slides over, it first pushes the blocker ring against the gear cone, and the blocker acts as a cone clutch to help speed up or slow down the gear to the desired speed prior to the synchronizer sleeve sliding over further to engage the gear.

These rings now use a carbon friction lining material, which is more resilient and offers improved high-energy performance. This allows the gearbox to better withstand aggressive shifting and leads to a longer life under typical high performance circumstances.

The T56 was developed as a higher-torque evolution of the well-proven T5 five-speed used in the Pontiac Firebird since 1983. The T56 made its debut with the 1993 Firebird. The unit first appeared in the Corvette in 1997 as part of the introduction of the C5 with the LS1 engine.

The T56 is available in crate form allowing hot rodders and gear-heads to install a 6 speed transmission in older cars , thus improving gas mileage and decreasing engine wear. Also very popular with muscle car owners, helping the cars to take advantage of 2 more forward speeds than what was available in the 60’s.

Regardless of your reasons for needing a Tremec T56 manual transmission, we can serve your best interests. Our inventory includes, rebuilt units, used units and generic units, all ready for shipment. Find out more about how to buy one of our transmissions that is in your best interests. Call GotTransmissions.com at 866-320-1182.

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