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Mazda To Debut Next Generation Automatic Transmissions..

Mazda Motor plans to unveil its eco-friendly, next generation gasoline and diesel engines and automatic transmissions at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show, to be held from October 24, 2009. To be introduced in the US soon there after.

Mazda is expected to exhibit the ‘Mazda SKY-G’ direct injection gasoline engine, the ‘Mazda SKY-D’ clean diesel engine, and the ‘Mazda SKY Drive’ automatic transmission. The Tokyo Motor Show is also expected to mark the Japan debut of the Kiyora concept car as an exhibit of Mazda’s environmental and safety technologies.

Both Mazda SKY-G engine and the Mazda SKY-D clean diesel engine offer improved eco-friendliness and torque to optimized combustion efficiency. Mazda is also expected to reveal the automatic transmission, the Mazda SKY-Drive, which offers fuel economy.

The Mazda Kiyora is a compact concept car that is eco-friendly, with the combination of next-generation direct injection Mazda SKY-G 1.3 engine and new compact and lightweight six-speed Mazda SKY-Drive automatic transmission. The Kiyora, featuring the Mazda SKY concept powertrain technologies, achieves fuel economy of 32 kilometers per liter (under Japan’s 10-15 mode test cycle).

When can we expect to see it in the USA? Soon is the best answer to that question. No exact release dates have been announced at this time. It is interesting to see how many car companies are working hard to be competitive in the future. It will determine their ultimate success.

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