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Nissan Maxima Transmission Problems: 1-2 harsh shifts…

Question: my nissan maxima 04 jerks when down shifting from 2-1. i was asked to do transmission flush at Nissa dealership , but that didnt work . i am still having the same problem. can someone help me out. my number is xxxxx.

Advise: It is probably not the transmission it self. This is a highly technical computerized transmission, which receives many inputs on when to shift and how to shift from the TCU and the inputs, so it is possible that one of the ‘control’ units is bad.

The first thing to do is stop wasting time asking amateur mechanics how to cure a potentially expensive problem. Your going to end up needing a replacement transmission if you keep ‘playing’ around and don’t have it diagnosed and fixed now.

The first thing to do is to have a professional transmission mechanic hook a scanner to the OBD II hookup inside the car and see if all of the inputs including the TPS are in good working order, and then lower the transmission fluid pan for an inspection.

After the codes and information is collected, we lower the pan. If the pan is clean of debris and the fluid is pink, that is a good indicator the transmission is not the direct culprit. If the pan has any reasonable amount od gold filings, silver filings or clutch material in the pan, you may have an internal problem.

My experience with these issues (I have been a transmission rebuilder and shop owner for over 30 years) suggests that since this happens a lot to Nissan Maxima transmissions, the TPS, or one of the solenoids or input devises is bad.

The diligent customers who came to me ASAP almost always left my shop with a replacement TPS or other input device as the problem. The folks who waited and asked amateurs for answers that did not work or hoped the problem would go away ended up with a rebuilt transmission and replacing the devise/s that caused the failure.

My final advise is to seek professional help. Call GotTransmissions.com @ 1-877-286-0664.

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