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Nissan Versa Transmissions for Sale

The Nissan Versa is a compact car marketed in the United states and Canada. In production since 2004, and currently being made. It is a compact car which comes as a 4 door coupe or 5 door hatch back. Only three transmissions are offered, each one matched to a specific engine. Available Nissan Xtronic CVT [Continuously Variable Transmission], a 4-speed electronically controlled automatic with overdrive, and a Manual 6-speed transmission. For more information read on, for Nissan Versa transmissions for sale, call 866-320-1182.

The Versa is a front wheel drive car. it uses a transverse mounting system, where the engine and transmission are bolted together and fit sideways under the hood. An axle comes from each side of the transmission to drive the left front wheel and right front wheel. The most popular and successful setup on the road day.

A continuously variable transmission [CVT] has many attractive features, including improving fuel economy, providing seamless smooth shifts, delivering continuous engine power and more enjoyable driving performance. Nissan developed and applied new design steel belts to their CVT units, and another new feature called XTRONIC to their CVT’s.

The 4 speed automatic over drive transmission is more accurately called a transaxle because the transmission and differential assembly are all in the same housing, or case. All modern automatic transmissions use a feature called lock up. The feature is the addition of a clutch plate in the torque converter. When it is applied, it gives the same effect as another forward speed would have, more fuel mileage and less engine wear.

These are high tech electronically controlled transmissions which use a fully computerized system with input sensors and output sensors delivering real time signals to the brain [valve body], thus causing the car to shift perfectly every time.

The standard shift transmissions are not as popular, yet remains an option for those who enjoy a manual shift transmission. It also is a transaxle, and mounted transversely under the hood.

The electric version of the Versa is called the Leaf, it is a fully electronic car with no gasoline or fossil fuel engine at all. A plug in car is the most common term.

If you need to replace tour Versa transmission, make it a point to call GotTransmissions.com and discuss your need with a competent professional. We have plenty of time to listen to your problem and needs, and recommend a replacement transmission that suits your needs and wallet. Call 866-320-1182 right now. Our job is to build peace of mind.

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