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Plymouth Voyager Transmissions for Sale

Although it is not being made anymore, the Plymouth Voyager is the same thing as a Dodge Caravan. It’s also the same thing as a Chrysler Town and Country van. All three use the exact same transmissions, if you need a Plymouth Voyager Transmission for Sale, we have it.

The driveline design of all three vehicles is called a transverse mounting system. The transmission type is named a TF 604 [41TE automatic transaxle, 42LE/A606/40TES].

The biggest differences in said vehicles are exterior trim packages and interior comfort levels, the engines and transmission are the same.

The TF 604 is quite a transmission. It is unparalleled in design. The fact that no other car maker makes one like it is interesting. There is no question the 604 or 41TE had it’s share of problems from the start. It was designed to be a completely different transmission, specifically for front wheel drive cars, making use of new strategy.

Without being over detailed, but the 604 and it’s relatives make use of computer commands to operate each sub assembly inside the transmission. In a certain sense this transmission was ahead of it’s time.

Some new terminology, but there are no one way sprag clutches inside or bands. The programming and commands become even more important because it makes use of an on board computer to time each shift perfectly.

Chrysler did not give up and eventually the 604 or 41TE became a very reliable transmission. The aftermarket started offering viable and effective upgrade kits to cure the problem long before Mopar figured it out. With this fact being revealed, it became possible to produce a rebuilt 604 that was very reliable and performed flawlessly.

We learned how to clearance clutch packs and reprogram the valve bodies. Now you can buy a rebuilt TF 604 transmission that has every aftermarket and factory approved update built right into it. It’s the best value we offer for a replacement transmission. When you consider the cost, to the expected mileage and lack of problems, no other variant can provide such great value.

In the case of those who prefer used transmissions, we offer a whole line of pre tested used transmissions. We won’t sell you a ‘junk yard’ transmission, or an old un-updated transmission.

Regardless, if you need more information to make a decision, our staff is trained to be helpful. We are here to supply the necessary answers to your questions in terms you understand. Call now and ask about our peace of mind guarantee. GotTransmissions.com @ 866-320-1182.

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