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Rebuilt Automatic Transmissions For Sale

When it comes to replacement transmissions, choosing one by yourself gets complicated. Transmissions more than any other auto part breed fear and confusion. We sell automobile and truck transmissions, these are fully ”rebuilt” automatic transmissions for sale, which is a technically identical term to ”remanufactured”. Other forms of transmissions for sale will be addressed at another time.

“Caveat Emptor” (let the buyer beware) is the keyword here. Most rebuilt, remanufactured, refurbished and various other terms, will carry an APRA logo, or some sort of a decal to identify that the transmission has been, rebuilt, using new parts and re-machining of those parts still re-usable, to the word of the code.

How well the process was performed is the important issue here. Not every doctor was at the top of the class when they graduated medical school. But they graduated and become doctors and help people out. A transmission rebuild company can have lots of decals and certifications too, but all they have to do is follow the minimum requirements of the law and warranty their products.

1. Remanufactured
2. Rebuilt

Simply put, the terms are interchangeable. What I would look at, more important than decal’s, bells and whistles would be long term warranties, which prove that the company has confidence in their products. I believe that it’s a company’s obligation to the client to rebuild all transmissions to the highest standards set, not the lowest standard set.

Sadly, some companies use the minimum requirements to ”get by” with. It’s hard to tell by ‘’looking’’ at the outside, unless it is dirty. Stay away from phrases like: Big Discounts, Heavy Discount Transmissions, and Economy Auto trannies. My experience with terms like those, especially in the auto industry is that the products are cheap and cost less because they don’t perform as well and last as long.

In the long run, the best automatic transmissions are rebuilt by the most ethical companies. In fact, most of the time the prices are not so different, and what price difference is worth buying a ‘discounted’ transmission that fails right out of warranty? Allow us to assist you and make buying a rebuilt transmission for sale a great customer experience. Call now.

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