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Leave Rebuilt Transmissions To The Experts

Leave Your Rebuilt Transmissions To A Strong Company

Leave Your Rebuilt Transmissions To A Strong Company

After a lifetime (35 years) of rebuilding transmissions, installing transmissions and owning a transmission shop, several reasons pop into my head for dealing with a professional transmission company that is prepared to rebuild transmissions.

Rebuilding transmissions is hard work. I had to have my right shoulder ‘rebuilt’ last week. I went through an hour and 15 minutes repair procedure by my orthopedist to fix a few structural problems from using air tools, hammers and in general working hard. I’m sure plenty of you can relate to work injuries. In fact I had my left elbow repaired in April and my right elbow will be fixed in August.

I really think I could be a darn good orthopedist, it looks very mechanical, much like a transmission. But there are better reasons for not diving into a home rebuild job. Knowledge is obviously one big key, but experience is the daddy of knowledge. That is why I chose the Dr. I did. Experience, education and an impeccable track record.

Arbitrarily rebuilding a transmission in your garage is ultimately going to make you feel angry and frustrated that you even considered it. Transmission re-builders are highly trained and very smart people. The amount of parts inside a transmission is beyond counting, and considering there are hundreds of different transmissions out there, a good memory and excellent reading and comprehensions skills are mandatory.

Most folks think mechanical is pretty much all physical, well that is not entirely so. Transmission mechanics have to be able to think, read technical information and comprehend what has been reviewed in order to put it into action. Anyone who used their brains hard all day is as tired as a guy who uses his back hard all day.

Combine the two elements of thinking hard and working hard and you are one tired puppy at the end of the day. Obviously rebuilding an isolated transmission at home requires some tools that are special and expensive. Not worth buying for one job only, especially without really knowing what you are doing.

That’s part of the deal too. If you don’t know what to do and try to wing it using manuals and books, and lacking the specialized tools, you might hurt yourself, chances are that the transmission will not be repaired properly and you will end up seeking professional help anyway. At a steeper price!

I like the term KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), nothing personal. The best way to solve a transmission problem and not overspend or waste time and money trying to fix yours by buying a rebuild kit is to buy rebuilt VW transmissions from an established company with an iron clad reputation. Call us for any information or simply to speak with a person trained to listen to your issues and outfit you with a transmission that is in your best needs. @ 866-320-1182.

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