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Need a Rebuilt Transmission Fast?

Need a Reliable Rebuilt Transmission Fast?

Need a Reliable Rebuilt Transmission Fast?

You are on vacation and in an unfamiliar area when your car starts to lose it’s pickup and stops moving. Pull off the road and call AAA for some help. As soon as the tow driver mentions to you that you may need a rebuilt transmission, count to ten and don’t panic. It’s fine to get a recommendation from the tow driver, but check them out first.

Two of the biggest fears are how do I now who will treat me fairly and what about the warranty? If I have a problem when I get home, that’s 1000 miles away, how will I get warranty service? These are all legitimate questions you should have an answer to.

When you are in unfamiliar territory it is usually safe to go to the dealer at least to get an honest diagnosis. Dealers at least have the factory as a common bond to make sure you are treated well, and the dealer should offer a nationwide guarantee.

The way I would handle the situation if it was determined by a professional mechanic at the dealership I needed a replacement transmission. In order to save the time that the dealership would need to remove, disassemble and produce an estimate and get parts, you can be getting the car back on the road.

Ask if you were to supply the transmission if they would install it. If so, then the fastest and most reliable avenue would be to call and speak to a trained staff member about your situation and how best to get you back on the road again on your budget.

Once the guidelines are established and we can provide enough education for you to make a good decision, we will ship said transmission from a close warehouse ASAP to said location.

First off, you will get back on the road faster than any other way. To make this more tasty, our transmissions are nationwide guaranteed. So, should there be any warranty issues with it, anywhere in the country, you are under warranty and can expect fast professional customer service. Knowing that not having to argue over your warranty is a big relief, and that our award winning customer service department will make this a good experience.

Interested? Write down our phone number, 866-320-1182, name, and keep it safe. Nothing like being prepared. Building confidence and offering value is our specialty. Call and find out more about our transmissions for sale.

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