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A Rebuilt Transmission is Affordable and Reliable

We get lots of calls for replacement transmissions. There is so much more to buying a replacement transmission than just calling around and buying the cheapest one or first one. Like choosing a doctor, it makes sense to look for the best doctor or the best replacement trans. for your car. Almost to a tee, our customers choose transmissions after we discuss the matter in depth.

Choosing the right replacement transmission is a scary subject for the unprepared motorist. Considering the expense of a new transmission, the smart motorist should be more concerned with long term performance than the lowest cost. Quality wins out over price all the time.

The bottom line is that the cost difference between an ordinary or minimally rebuilt transmission, and a well built transmission is very little or nill. In fact, when you look at the overall lifespan of a properly rebuilt transmission, over a poorly rebuilt one, the price is actually lower for the better unit. Not to mention the possibilities of warranty problems and more down time with a crummy unit.

The difference between a good unit and not, is not always visible from the outside. One good way to tell is to ask about the warranty. A good warranty generally proves the confidence of the seller. Something that builds peace of mind.

The proper way to rebuilt a transmission is to start with cleaning it properly and inspecting all of the parts. Some parts get trashed no matter what, like bearings and clutches and other soft parts. The rest of the parts get re-machined to factory specs. A rebuilt torque converter is part of the job. In fact, every electronic part, either internal, or external should be new.

We also get requests for used transmissions, it’s is a cost effective alternative we recommend to people on a stiff budget, we don’t sell junk yard used transmissions. A really good value with little compromise. If you are interested in a used transmission, then we may have a low mileage used unit ready to go, just give us a call at 866-320-1182 and speak with an intelligent human being who knows what you want.

Whatever your interests are, not only provides more education to our customers so they can make a great decision, but our customer service is unparallelled. Call right now for a free quote, or ask the questions no one else can answer.

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