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Rebuilt Transmissions: Beefed up 200R4 is the best transmission…

Question: MY 200R4 Transmission Shifts Late out of 1st gear at very very high RPM

Last night i was racing a car on the freeway at WOT and then i finally just let off the gas pedal it has been shifting a little hard lately it shift very late around 5-6000 rpm i thinks revs pretty loud before it shifts into 2nd gear , i do not even know if its 2nd gear that it shifts into it might be 3rd i really do not know what happened

I was driving my car lately and noticed it has been shifting really hard and then all of a sudden it shift’s very late out of 1st gear at very high RPM and did not really want to push it, It did shift into the other gears alright as far as i know , I do not know what happen any suggestions ???

Suggestion: You did not mention what type of car the T200R4 is in. Realistically speaking it sounds like your transmission is going bad. It is obvious by your statement that you drive the car hard. Once a transmission which uses a TV cable and TV valve starts to develop late and hard shifting problems, usually a particle of contamination has come loose and is erratically sticking the TV valve. Since a transmission is not like an engine, any contamination inside comes from an internal part wearing out. Like a thrust washer or another component.

I recommend taking the car to a competent transmission repair shop and having it professionally diagnosed. If you have to ask this question on a forum, trust me, the advise you get is from other people like you, who have little knowledge of the workings of a transmission. Truth be known, you are fishing for an easy and cheap answer. Who is better than giving you a ‘truthful’ answer than a transmission shop? No one.

You can try adjusting your TV cable. Chances are that won’t cure it. Try dropping the pan on the transmission and inspecting it. If you have any gold like filings or ferrous metal (magnetic) in the pan, it is time to find a properly ‘beefed up’ transmission to suit your purposes. If you remember the T200R4 came in the SS Monte Carlo and some of the hi performance GM cars in the mid to late ’80’s. Using the proper rebuild parts and upgrades can turn this tranmsission into a real beast.

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