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Your Key to Rebuilt Transmissions For Sale

Your Key to Rebuilt Transmissions For Sale

Did you just have a transmission failure and becoming frustrated with trying to make sense out of the various terminology and concerns involved in locating some reliable and consistent information to go by? It makes the process look like brain surgery. It does not have to be that complicated if you are browsing for transmissions for sale.

The truth is some places confuse you on purpose hoping to sell what is most profitable for them. Realistically speaking, you want a company that talks straight and sells replacement transmissions that suit your best interests. Any company who does not embrace the customers needs first is the wrong place to do business with.

So what exactly is a rebuilt transmission? One thing is that there are certain guidelines every rebuilder should follow. Unfortunately that is not so.

This should be taken and understood to mean at the very least, most of the following:

1: All internal and external parts, including case and housing, have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected
2. The valve body has been disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and inspected
3. Soft-parts replaced with new: All bands have been replaced with new.
4. As much as possible of all the following parts have to be replaced with new parts:
a. Lined friction clutch plates
b. Internal and external seals including seals that are called ”metal clad”.
c. All rubber sealing rings
d. All Gaskets and or sealer
5. Hard parts (sub-assemblies) need to be inspected and rebuilt or replaced.

All worn, defective, or damaged parts not mentioned above have been restored to original factory condition or replaced with new or rebuilt parts. Measuring and adjusting of such parts to factory clearances.

If so equipped, all of the transmission’s internal and external electronic components, should be replaced by factory original components, no aftermarket electrical components. Although electrical parts inspected and found to be functioning properly may be reused with discretion.

A rebuilt torque converter.

This is the formula. Although plenty of remanufacturers manipulate some parts and some use parts with lower than acceptable credentials.

The end result is determined by how long a replacement transmission lasts which ultimately determines it’s overall value. A cheap transmission that is not rebuilt to acceptable standards will cost more than the few dollars difference an acceptable rebuilt transmission will cost.

Speak with one of our transmission replacement counselors, and find out why our customers recommend their friends to us for transmissions.

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