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Reman Subaru Transmission for Sale

When someone asks me how would you decide between a reman Subaru transmission for sale and another form of replacement transmission, I have to sit them down and explain what I’m going to say. For some cars, I recommend a reman [short for remanufactured] transmission over a used unit. To that point, we sell more reman Subaru transmissions than any other form.

Why, you ask me? Cars built like most Subaru models are hard to work on, that is the first thing. The transmission is very hard to remove and replace and a lot of time and labor is involved no matter what transmission you use to replace a broken transmission. So, a good part of the price of a re-manned unit, if you take it to a shop is the labor to remove and replace.

With that thought in mind, what if you buy a cheap used unit from the junk yard and spend say at least 500 bucks for the labor to have it installed, and it does not work or breaks down again in a few days? In that case, even if it has a warranty, who pays the labor to swap the bad replacement transmission? Well a Good company pays for the labor to swap out a defective replacement transmission. Remember that.

Another issue with Subaru transmissions is that they are quite sensitive. Being an economy car does not mean the transmission is not a precision piece of equipment. In fact in some cases the economy transmissions can be very hard to remanufacture properly. There are lot of tiny precision pieces inside the casing, a competent specialist is the only person who should work on these transmissions.

With the difficulty factor of removing and installing a transmission, and the uncompromising care required to remanufature this little jewel, it makes sense and saves big money to buy the best remanufactured transmission available. Eliminating the above two problems is the only way to find complete peace of mind.

It’d hard to put a dollar tag on peace of mind. One only needs to think of the frustration of breaking sown again to be reminded that the best remanufactured transmissions cost less in the long run. Call now and speak with a qualified expert on transmissions and let us sell you a remanufactured Subaru transmission. GotTransmissions.com.

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