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Dodge Daytona 41TE Transmissions for Sale

Dodge Daytona is definitely a relic in the Chrysler inventory. While these cars are still on the road, there will come a time when the transmission must be replaced. If you own one of these vehicles or are a mechanic, the options that you have can be limited at best. You probably know how much [...]

Plymouth Voyager Transmissions for Sale

Although it is not being made anymore, the Plymouth Voyager is the same thing as a Dodge Caravan. It’s also the same thing as a Chrysler Town and Country van. All three use the exact same transmissions, if you need a Plymouth Voyager Transmission for Sale, we have it. The driveline design of all three vehicles [...]

Remanufactured Dodge Caravan Transmissions for Sale

The Dodge Caravan was the first front wheel drive minivan I can remember. It set the stage for every other front wheel drive van on the road today. Called a mid sized van nowadays, it has come a long way baby. No worries, GotTransmissions.com has Remanufactured Dodge Caravan Transmissions for sale, we also have good [...]

Technical Data: Dodge TF-A604 / 41TE

The Torque Flight A604 Dodge transmission, (designated the 41TE in Chrysler talk), came out in 1989 and has turned into one of the most reliable front wheel drive transmissions on the market. Partly due to factory upgrades and partly through the after market. Even the chronic leaky axle seal problem can be cured now. The 41TE [...]