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700R4 Transmission For Sale

700R4 Transmission For Sale at GotTransmissions.com

Not much new to say about the venerable 700R4 transmission Chevy by General Motors. Used almost exclusively by Chevy and GM in nearly every circumstance an automatic overdrive transmission was deemed necessary. Other automatic overdrives were available for General Motors cars, their success never equaled that [...]

s10 transmission

Oops!! Buy S10 & S-15 Transmissions GotTransmissions.com

From 1982 to 2004 GM made a small sized pickup truck called the Chevrolet s10 or the GMC S-15 in GMC’s case. Coincidentally, the truck was introduced in the same year GM introduced the legendary T700R4 Chevy Transmissions. Or GMC Transmissions, all being equal. It was [...]

Is An Automatic Transmission My Only Choice?

A new motor won’t do much to move the car unless you hook it up to the transmission of choice. The question becomes are you interested in automatic transmissions or a manual transmissions. On the automatic side, technology has come leaps and bounds over the past few years with new options added to the shifting [...]

Looking Into Replacement Automatic Transmissions.

Replacement Transmissions at GotTransmissions.com

Every now and then someone ends up in a spot where a choice has to be made in regards to replacing your cars automatic transmission or replacing the car. An in depth evaluation of the whole car, it’s overall condition and determining if it is worthy of reclamation [...]

Automatic Transmissions and Thrust Bearings

Transmissions and Torrington or Flat Bearings

All automatic transmissions or manual tranny’s make extensive use of bearings inside. There are several varieties of bearings we can discuss. Today we limit of discussion to flat bearings, commonly called torrington bearings, by the company who designed them, Torrington. Here are the flat bearing most [...]

What Is A Shift Valve To Automatic Transmissions?

Shift Valves-Automatic Transmissions

All automatic transmissions have a brain of sorts. We call this part a valve body. Reason being is there are plenty of ” shift valves” in a valve body that control hydraulic pressure by overcoming the force of a return spring, allowing the fluid to flow into the correct [...]

What can damage your automatic transmission.

Most automatic transmissions troubles start from overheating. You already know that if you follow our blog. Under heavy loads, such as towing a heavy trailer, rocking the vehicle from the snow, having continuous stop and go traffic in hot weather, racing, etc. the transmission overheats. At higher temperatures the transmission fluid burns, losing its lubricating [...]

Does Water Cause Problems With Automatic Transmissions?

Absolutely, water or radiator coolant is like RIP to transmissions. Standard transmissions don’t like water either, so those of you with standards may want to pay attention. One of my friends with a Ford F-150 pickup and were chatting about his Ford Trucks’ automatic transmission the other day. It had water in it and was [...]

Part 2: Cool Transmissions in A Hot Situation..

I got my call with my estimate and was told the heater hose under the coolant reservoir had pin hole in it, the transmission was fine, the power-plant was undamaged, that was it. They also recommended a cooling system flush, which I had them do. I insisted that I see the problem and be able [...]

Keeping a Cool Transmission In A Hot Situation..

Keep Cool When the Heat Is On. GotTransmissions.com

We were on the road to Maryland to visit my sick Dad, my Mom, my sister and brother in law and respective excellent lovable family’s, about 300 miles into the trip as we are pulling into a rest stop, my wife mentions the temperature [...]