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Don’t Confuse Us with Jasper Transmissions

When it came down to brass tacks, we felt there was no better way to distinguish our Transmission Supply Company from Jasper Transmissions any better way than to address the subject right now, here. We are GotTransmissions.com, not Jasper Transmissions. This is not a put down article. In fact, we know for a fact that [...]

Replacement Hyundai Accent Transmissions for Sale

One of the more popular subcompact cars is the Hyundai Accent. It’s probably more popular than you know of since it’s sold globally under different names. It’s predecessor was the Excel. Since 2002, the Accent is the longest running family car sold in the USA. Every Accent uses a front wheel drive setup with a [...]

Kia Forte Koup Transmissions for Sale

The Kia Forte is a newer compact car with front wheel drive. Introduced in mid 2008. It is a compact car, using a front wheel drive arrangement. Five different models were offered to the public, and five different transmission/engine combinations were offered too. One off the models is a hybrid car, called the Kia Forte [...]

Lincoln MKZ Transmissions for Sale

The MKZ was brought out in 2006 to compete in the lower end luxury car field. It is a mid sized 4 door sedan built on the Mazda CD3 platform. Ford and Mazda use many interchangeable components in certain cars. It is still in production, and Lincoln kept the choices of transmissions quite simple. Only [...]

Buick Lucerne Transmissions for Sale, Affordable to Buy

If you own a Buick Lucerne and have experienced a transmission failure, than you are at the right place. the first thing we will do is discuss the available replacement transmissions for the Lucerne. Only two Buick Lucerne transmissions were offered. GotTransmissions.com stocks both Buick Lucerne transmissions or sale, affordable to buy and our best [...]

Buy Mini Cooper Transmissions @ Affordable Prices

We are currently in the second model generation of the Mini, made by BMW. We know it as a cute, sporty, mini car with very attractive looks. Anyone can Buy Mini Cooper transmissions at affordable prices, everyday. Your reason for being here is probably to start the search for the proper company to do business [...]

Aisin MY600 Transmissions for Sale

GotTransmissions.com features the all-new Aisin MY600 6-speed automatic transmission for sale. The design goals: a superior shifting automatic transmission for medium to heavy duty work trucks with improved drive-ability, better usage of engine torque, improved fuel economy [equal to a manual transmission]; exhaust brake performance equal to manual transmission; and improved reliability and durability. The overdrive [...]

Troubleshooting Car Transmission Problems

Troubleshooting car transmission problems

Leave troubleshooting car transmission problems for a specialist. Regardless of the year, from super high technology computerized transmissions to older fully hydraulic operated automatic transmissions. Even manual shift transmissions should be dealt with by a professional. I know for sure that some of the replacement transmissions we sell [...]

Transmissions Appreciate Your Respect

My buddy is a real aggressive driver and when he backs up he just slams it into drive while going backwards. That’s a bad move with automatic transmissions. I hesitate to advise him, I think he might take it the wrong way. We are friends and I only advise customers or readers of my blog. [...]

Let A Transmission Specialty Shop Install Your Transmission.

Certified, Approved Transmissions For Sale

Most people don’t even think about the difficulty and art form of removing and installing a replacement transmission. The success of replacing a transmission can be compromised just as easily by an inexperienced installer as it can by purchasing less than perfect transmissions. Replacing a transmission in [...]