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What can damage your automatic transmission.

Most automatic transmissions troubles start from overheating. You already know that if you follow our blog. Under heavy loads, such as towing a heavy trailer, rocking the vehicle from the snow, having continuous stop and go traffic in hot weather, racing, etc. the transmission overheats. At higher temperatures the transmission fluid burns, losing its lubricating [...]

Universal Joints And Car Transmissions.

A universal joint is a linkage of sorts that transmits the rotation of a shaft that goes from the engine to the transmission in a vehicle of a rear wheel drive car. Or, longitudinal in design.. From the rear of the transmission to the differential assembly. The universal joint is used in almost every class [...]

1993 Buick LeSabre Transmissions cold problem.

Rubber trees make rubber o-rings for transmissions.

Problem: I have a 1993 Buick Lesabre with an automatic transmission problem. On cold days it takes 20 minutes to a half an hour to warm up the car before it can go forward in gear or in reverse. Now that the weather is warmer [...]

Ford Explorer Transmissions: Flashing OD Light.

Ford Explorer Transmissions: Problems!!

Question: My 1996 Ford Explorer transmissions is acting up. I was driving and noticed that the Overdrive light was flashing. The transmission was operating perfectly and if the OD light was not flashing, I would have no idea that I had a problem. When I turned the [...]

Chevrolet Epica 6 speed automatic transmission.

Chevy transmissions for sale

A completely new six-speed automatic transmission now is available for Chevrolet Europe’s top sedan. The Epica offers the space and drive comfort of the upper medium class but at a much lower price. Chevrolet’s dedication to refinement is illustrated with the new gearbox which [...]

Manual Transmissions, Nascar Style..

Jerico Manual Transmissions

Winning races demands preparation, durability and the performance to be in a winning position when it counts. Jerico’s WC4-4 Super Duty manual transmissions, the product of over 25 years of experience, research and brutal real-world testing provides the edge you need — and the peace of [...]

Transmissions Affect Fuel Economy.

Transmissions that have grip of an alligator

Choosing a fuel-efficient automobile was a whole lot simpler 30 years ago, the last time the U.S. was in the grips of a gasoline price crisis. It was often as simple as buying small vehicles with manual transmissions. Not he stakes [...]

Hyundai Transmission Assembly Video…

By watching this video on assembling Hyundai Transmissions, better known as a transaxle assembly since it is a front wheel drive transmission, the idea is to show how complicated and precise the job is. It is not necessary to watch it all to get the idea. The Big idea being precision and cleanliness. This is [...]

No Cheapskate Rebuilt Transmissions Here.

Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale

We don’t sell cheapskate transmissions. We sell transmissions that are a terrific value. Cheap transmissions do nothing more than cause everyone involved problems. From the company that rebuilt the transmission to the installer and most important, the customer. We also don’t have an interest in doing [...]

Transmission Repairs. Get a Good Diagnosis First.

Buy Transmissions

The first question most people asked when they called my transmission shop was “how much does it cost to fix my transmission”, “my friend said my transmission is acting up and my the problem is XYZ”, and it should cost about $xx.xxx to fix? I [...]