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Why is Our Rebuilt Dodge TF 604 Transmission a Better Value?

Aha, I’m glad someone finally asked that question. First off, the TF 604 [which will be referred to as the 604] was one of the most popular transmissions Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth or Mopar [All Chrysler products are nicknamed Mopar] ever made. All of the above related companies made good use of it. Let me tell [...]

Plymouth Voyager Transmissions for Sale

Although it is not being made anymore, the Plymouth Voyager is the same thing as a Dodge Caravan. It’s also the same thing as a Chrysler Town and Country van. All three use the exact same transmissions, if you need a Plymouth Voyager Transmission for Sale, we have it. The driveline design of all three vehicles [...]

Buy Chrysler A-604 Transmissions with Confidence

Chrysler TF 604 for Sale: Pic-Internal gear.

The Chrysler transmissions named the TF A-604 or TF604 or 604 are way more technologically advanced and unique in their own right than one might expect for an affordable car. Especially since the majority of 604 automatic overdrive transmissions go in the less expensive [...]

Rebuilt TF 604 works excellent, perfect ending..

Yesterday I finished up my Chrysler TF604 rebuilt transmission job. One thing I need to mention is that I pressure test the transmission cooler as I flush it out. In this case I used several aerosol cans of brake dry clean. I know it sounds like back yard mechanicing to say that, but it is [...]

2003 Dodge Caravan Transmissions

Transmissions for sale 2003 Caravan

One of my old customers called me the other day and asked me if I wanted to check out his transmission in his 2003 Dodge Caravan. OK, no problem, but you gotta leave it with me so I can diagnose it. The thought of diagnosing [...]