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Used Transmissions for Sale

Just like an engine, every car, truck and SUV needs a fully functional transmission for operation. When you need to replace transmissions, you generally have two options that you can use to find what you need. The first option is to buy a brand new transmission from a dealership or auto parts supply store. The [...]

4t65e transmission for sale

4t65e Transmission For Sale

The 4t65e is a front wheel drive transmission for sale, or, transaxle, to be more precise, it is transversely mounted. It was designed and is built by General Motors. The GM THM-4T65E four speed automatic overdrive transaxle is found in many 1997 and newer vehicles equipped with the [...]

4l60e transmission for sale

4L60E Transmission For Sale

We have a Chevy 4l60e transmission for sale that is perfect for you. Fortunately, you did not stop to search at just another transmission replacement company. What exactly do I mean when I say that we have a 4l60e transmission for you? Simply put, we have [...]

Turbo 400 Transmission For Sale

Turbo 400 Transmission for Sale: Thanks Very Much.

The Turbo 400 was perhaps the most famous Chevy transmission from the new breed of 3 speed automatic transmissions, when 3 forward speeds first came out. Three forward speeds in the early sixties was very modern then. In a way it [...]

4l80E Transmission For Sale

General Motors manufactures the Chevy 4L80E transmission, it is the strongest transmission made by GM. The optional Allison transmission is now available and proven to be worthy, however it is hard to beat the 15 plus years of super service the 4L80E transmission has given the truck industry. Essentially Chevy used a very reliable and [...]

700R4 Transmission For Sale

700R4 Transmission For Sale at GotTransmissions.com

Not much new to say about the venerable 700R4 transmission Chevy by General Motors. Used almost exclusively by Chevy and GM in nearly every circumstance an automatic overdrive transmission was deemed necessary. Other automatic overdrives were available for General Motors cars, their success never equaled that [...]

s10 transmission

Oops!! Buy S10 & S-15 Transmissions GotTransmissions.com

From 1982 to 2004 GM made a small sized pickup truck called the Chevrolet s10 or the GMC S-15 in GMC’s case. Coincidentally, the truck was introduced in the same year GM introduced the legendary T700R4 Chevy Transmissions. Or GMC Transmissions, all being equal. It was [...]

1995 Chevy Transmissions

Simply calling us up and saying that you are interested in 1995 Chevy Transmissions is not a very a very precise statement. We don’t care what color the vehicle is either. Did you know that Chevy makes at least 15 different models automatic transmissions and a large variety of manual transmissions. Every model of transmission [...]

Rebuilt 4160E Transmissions On Sale For Less

4L60E-Automatic Transmissions For Sale

One of the best automatic transmissions for cars and light duty trucks is the General Motors 4L60E. What that stands for is a 4 speed, Longitudinal (rear wheel drive), 60 Series, Electronic overdrive automatic transmission. What makes it so good is partly due to the original design and making [...]

4L60E Hi-Performance Automatic Transmissions

Save Money on 4L60E Transmissions for Sale

All GotTransmissions.com transmissions begin and end with the same technician. Almost all of our technicians have over 20 years of transmission experience. Before it is shipped out the door, it is test run on an in-house dyno. Because of the high [...]