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Ford Freestyle CVT Transmissions

Ford CVT Transmissions

CVT Transmissions are not new, contrary to what you may believe. They are having a resurgence starting with the 2005 Ford Freestyle transmissions, after lying dormant for 70 plus years, turns out to be a very credible type of automobile transmissions. They are, however currently being used in [...]

Toyota Hybrid Transmissions Lead The Way

Toyota Transmissions from GotTransmissions.com Stand Alone

Batteries and electronic technology get a lot of attention concerning hybrid vehicles. The Toyota research and development department has been burning the candle and working hard at developing affordable Toyota transmissions for hybrids, which is only one reason they lead the competition in hybrid transmission innovation. [...]

Part-3 CVT Continuously variable transmissions-Pulley-based CVTs..

More on CVT transmissions from: Part-2 of CVT transmissions. Pulley-based CVT Look into a planetary style automatic transmission, and you’ll see a complex world of gears, brakes, clutches and governing devices. By comparison, a continuously variable transmission is a study in simplicity. Most CVTs only have three basic components: A high-power metal or rubber belt A variable-input “driving” pulley An [...]

Part-2: CVT continuously variable transmissions..

­If you’ve read about the structure and function of CVT automatic transmissions in Part-1: CVT Transmissions, then you know that the job of the transmission is to change the speed ratios between the engine and the appropriate (front or rear) wheels of an automobile. In other words, without a transmission, cars would only have one [...]