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Used Transmissions for Sale

Just like an engine, every car, truck and SUV needs a fully functional transmission for operation. When you need to replace transmissions, you generally have two options that you can use to find what you need. The first option is to buy a brand new transmission from a dealership or auto parts supply store. The [...]

Ford 4R75W Transmissions for Sale

When the subject of whether or not Ford made a 4R75W automatic overdrive transmission came up the other day, one of the guys was emphatic that Ford did not make such a transmission. I said GotTransmissions.com has Ford 4R75W Transmissions for Sale. I then found an advertisement Ford made specifically to introduce the 4R75W, which [...]

CD4E transmission for sale

Want to know why you should buy a CD4E transmission for sale from GotTransmissions.com? Without sounding too negative, this may be one of the worst transmissions ever built. After spending 30 plus years in the transmission rebuilding business, this may be one of the most difficult transmissions to rebuild correctly. Yes, it can be salvaged, [...]

4r70w transmission for sale

The 4R70W is a Ford automatic overdrive transmission. It is fully computerized with a lock-up torque converter. It supersedes the original Ford overdrive, the AOD (automatic overdrive) and the AODE, the E meaning electronic. After being introduced in 1980 the AOD went through constant redesigns and upgrades for almost 15 years before the 4R70W was [...]

C6 Transmission Rebuild

C6 Transmissions Rebuilt for Less

The C6 transmission was introduced by Ford in 1966. Figuring out what year is a piece of cake on Ford transmissions of old. The C stands for the decade, which is the 1960’s, and the number is the year in said decade. Making this the 6th year [...]

Ford Freestyle CVT Transmissions

Ford CVT Transmissions

CVT Transmissions are not new, contrary to what you may believe. They are having a resurgence starting with the 2005 Ford Freestyle transmissions, after lying dormant for 70 plus years, turns out to be a very credible type of automobile transmissions. They are, however currently being used in [...]

Edsal Fords Unusual Push Button Shift Transmissions

Ford Edsel: First Electric Shift Transmissions

The Ford Edsel was billed as the car of the future. Filling new shoes to compete as the most modern, ahead of it’s times car ever built. Having all sorts of mechanical and cosmetic innovations setting them apart from every other car in the world. Although [...]

Ford PowerShift Transmissions

Good News: Ford Transmissions For Sale Cheap

Ford transmissions are starting the move into the future, now, by replacing their conventional automatic transmissions in small cars with a more technologically advanced design. Through superior design and being easier to drive, the super efficient six-speed dual-clutch gearbox is said to offer better [...]

4R100 Transmissions Ford

Ford 4R100 Transmission For Sale

What is the deal the transmissions Ford calls the 4rR100? The deal is that the 4R100 is a good transmission from the factory for most types of heavy duty use, since it comes in the larger Ford vehicles and heavy duty trucks. The biggest issues I have [...]

Ford Scorpio Transmissions For Sale

The Scorpio Ford Auto Transmissions are complex items and is entirely controlled by the EEC-V Power-train Control Module (PCM) that computes engine load, road speed and internal turbine speed and selects the appropriate gear by engaging electronic solenoids to control gear shifts. Experience has shown that it is generally very reliable, however some specific problems have [...]