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Honda Accord Transmissions for Sale

The Honda Accord was the first Japanese car to be produced in the USA. It was introduced in 1982 to American drivers and is still in production. The Accord is rated as one of the most reliable cars in the world by many agencies. Even we have noticed the amazing stories of how long their [...]

Hyundai Transmission Assembly Video…

By watching this video on assembling Hyundai Transmissions, better known as a transaxle assembly since it is a front wheel drive transmission, the idea is to show how complicated and precise the job is. It is not necessary to watch it all to get the idea. The Big idea being precision and cleanliness. This is [...]

BMW transmissions are made by “ZF Transmissions” …..

In our case, ZF Friedrichshafen AG is a world supplier of automotive and truck automatic and standard transmissions. You can read on Wiki about their long and extensive background and history. What I want to focus on is the automobiles that use their transmissions. The BMW transmission in particular.,.. Jaguar, Land, Rover, Maserati, Peugeot, and [...]