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Replacement Honda Passport Transmissions for Sale

The Car/SUV called the Honda Passport was made from 1994 to 2002. I need to mention, Honda made a motorcycle called the Passport, too. Don’t get confused. It was really an American car, being made in Indiana, entirely. By US citizens, paying US taxes. I am not sure why it was discontinued, but it was [...]

Great Deals On Foreign Transmissions

So you are looking for foreign, as in Honda transmissions for sale. Good for you, you came to the right place. First and foremost, we strive to provide the fast service you need, so you can install your foreign transmissions asap, and get back on the road. People want fast nowadays. It seems like fast [...]

But Transmissions For Honda Cars for Less.

We all know that Honda cars are perhaps the best made and most popular of the small cars, which fall in the high side of affordability in that price range of cars. From the beginning, Honda produced a different type of automatic transmission. When they developed their transmissions, it was decided to deviate from the [...]

Transmission Repairs:I recently drove my friends 1998 Honda CRV….

I noticed this Honda transmission problem on The Mechanics Lounge forum and felt like it is a worthy question that deserves a logical answer. Problem: I recently drove my friends 1998 Honda CRV. I parked it, turned the car off, went inside, and when I started it again, I couldn’t shift it out of park. [...]

Honda makes a durable yet sensitive transmission….

The phones were very active at GotTransmissions.com last week. More calls for Honda Civic transmissions than usual. This transmission has always been popular, mostly because the Civic is one of Americas best values in a vehicle. The Honda Civic is not only affordable, it also gets incredible gas mileage and they last a along time [...]