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Jeep Compass Transmissions for Sale

It’s difficult to imagine having a transmission failure on a Jeep Compass. Being introduced in 2007, it seems unlikely to have an transmission failure so soon. Yet, we get calls for Jeep Compass Transmissions for Sale on occasion, so GotTransmissions.com is prepared for such a situation. Call right now 866-320-1182 for super customer service. The Jeep [...]

Chevrolet Camaro Transmissions for Sale

The Chevy Camaro was introduced at a critical point in my life, 1967. I was 15 years old and loved cars. What else can I say. You had to be there. I happened to be working at a transmission repair shop at the time. Life was good. I worked at a transmission shop to support [...]

Buy Dodge Challenger Transmissions

When Dodge came out with the Challenger in 1970, guys like myself were really exited about the new muscle car which had a Hemi engine in the lineup, and the newly designed Torque Flight 727 automatic transmission, strong enough to hold the incredible horsepower of it’s BIG engine. Regardless of what year you want to [...]

Buy Mini Cooper Transmissions @ Affordable Prices

We are currently in the second model generation of the Mini, made by BMW. We know it as a cute, sporty, mini car with very attractive looks. Anyone can Buy Mini Cooper transmissions at affordable prices, everyday. Your reason for being here is probably to start the search for the proper company to do business [...]

Spicer ES52-7B Transmissions for sale

The ES52-7B is a 7 speed manual transmission for large heavy duty trucks. It is for commercial purposes only. The Spicer ”ES” prefix stands for Easy Shift. Part of Dana Holding company [a supplier of axles, big rig highway transmissions and drive-train components], Spicer was incorporated in 1904 as Spicer Universal Joint Manufacturing Company by [...]

AGS 520 transmission for sale

AGS 520 transmission for sale

AGS, an acronym for Automated Gear Shift, which is an automated manual transmission created by Detroit Diesel to make driving easier and more efficient for drivers of ”big rigs”. More to the point, this transmission can also be called a Mercedes ”big rig” truck transmission since Mercedes [...]

Mercedes MBT 520 transmission for sale

Mercedes MBT 520 transmission for sale

The Mercedes MBT 520 transmission is a large truck, over the road, 6 speed manual transmission. Built in cooperation by Detroit Diesel and AGS it is designed to withstand the rigors of over road transportation and meeting industry demands. Low failure rates are one of it’s [...]

T56 transmission for sale

T56-Borg Warner Transmission For Sale

The T-56 six speed manual transmission was originally designed and built by Borg-Warner for the Dodge Viper and came to be used in a wide range of performance oriented of vehicles from General Motors, Dodge, and Ford Motor Company. The transmission later was built by Tremec Corp, [...]

Manual Transmission Problems

Manual transmission problems?

There is a die-hard group of people who swear by manual transmissions. Their belief, in part is that manual transmission problems seem to be less common and less expensive to fix than automatic transmissions. I think they are a bit out of date a have prejudice towards manual or [...]

Nissan Z31 and Z32 Manual Transmissions

Nissan Z-Car Manual Transmissions

The Z31 and Z32 are models of Nissans Z-Car series. The Z31 designation was first introduced in 1983 as a 1984 Datsun/Nissan 300ZX. The Z31 offered three different manual transmission designs of manual 5 speed transmissions over the years it was produced. All manual shifted non-turbocharged Z31’s were [...]