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Nissan Z31 and Z32 Manual Transmissions

Nissan Z-Car Manual Transmissions

The Z31 and Z32 are models of Nissans Z-Car series. The Z31 designation was first introduced in 1983 as a 1984 Datsun/Nissan 300ZX. The Z31 offered three different manual transmission designs of manual 5 speed transmissions over the years it was produced. All manual shifted non-turbocharged Z31’s were [...]

Best Selling Cars in America have Automatic Transmissions

Transmissions for sale

The Nissan Sentra was the best selling car in America in February of Two Thousand Ten. The Chevy Impala was the second best selling car in February of 2010. Both cars have two things in common, sales up 50% in February 2010, and both [...]

Nissan Transmissions: Pathfinder Transmissions for Less..

Nissan Pathfinder transmissions with a harsh forward engagement problem.. Question: After starting car,and shifting into drive, car will lurch forward very hard (foot on brake,of course). This lurch does not happen if car is shifted into “reverse”. Possibilities: Your wording almost provides me with a viable answer. However, I can’t actually see the vehicle, so this is [...]

Nissan Infinity Transmissions for Sale…

Question: After running an hour or so on a long trip the transmission oil light comes on showing it is overheating. Pull over and let it idle until cool down, but it will do it again unless speed held under sixty. Had transmission flushed, but it keeps on happening. Suggestions for fixing the problem most [...]

Nissan transmissions TSB: RL4F02A Valve body.

TSB Bulletin #231 Transmission Type: RL4F02A Date: 8-98 Topic: Transmission Falls Out of Fourth Gear: A common complaint of falling out of 4th gear EXCEPT on lift throttle may be experienced after overhaul or valve body service. The transaxle may shift into 4th only when the throttle is released, then downshift to 3rd as the throttle is applied. Another [...]