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Daewoo Automatic Transmission Supplier

Daewoo is a Korean car Company. It was purchased in 2001 by General Motors, now known as GM Daewoo. First introduced in America in 1995, it was poorly received, until GM purchased it and re-marketed it. In the U.S., Daewoo sold the Nubira, Lanos and Leganza models. As a Daewoo Automatic Transmission Supplier, GotTransmissions.com has [...]

Plymouth Voyager Transmissions for Sale

Although it is not being made anymore, the Plymouth Voyager is the same thing as a Dodge Caravan. It’s also the same thing as a Chrysler Town and Country van. All three use the exact same transmissions, if you need a Plymouth Voyager Transmission for Sale, we have it. The driveline design of all three vehicles [...]

BMW Series 3 Transmissions for Sale E90

The BMW Series 3 is an icon of sorts. It’s been in production since 1975. Considering what it started out as and what it is today, continuing changes were always in the works as it continued to be popular and marketable through five generations. The fifth generation was when BMW decided the transmissions needed to [...]

Replacement Transmissions: Rebuilt Lincoln MKX

The Lincoln MKX is a crossover utility vehicle [CUV], it is true luxury in a mid-sized vehicle. It resembles Ford’s Edge, sharing the same platform. Called Ford’s CD-3 platform chassis, it is the basis of a front wheel drive, four wheel drive/ front engine design. The only transmission offered in the MKX is a 6 [...]

Nissan 300ZX Transmissions for Sale

If there’s ever been a Nissan worthy of instant fame upon its debut, with lots of curvy bodywork and all of the luxuries one could expect, a solid line of performance power plants and a transmission option for any driving style, it was the 4th generation 300ZX. The 300ZX had it all, except for a [...]

Porsche Cayenne Transmissions Rebuilt with Precision

The Porsche Cayenne is my winner hands down in the super luxury high performance SUV market. You can trust me too, just because I own an old vintage Porsche 911 doesn’t make me biased! No one makes a better performing or lasting transmission/driveline than Porsche, plain and simple. GotTransmissions.com has Rebuilt Porsche Cayenne Transmissions for [...]

Chevy Traverse Transmissions for Sale

An interesting entry into the full sized SUV crossover market is the Chevrolet Traverse. It is a full sized vehicle, holding as many as seven or eight passengers. It is built on the same platform as the Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia, and Buick Enclave, which is technically known as the GM Lambda platform. If you [...]

Jeep Compass Transmissions for Sale

It’s difficult to imagine having a transmission failure on a Jeep Compass. Being introduced in 2007, it seems unlikely to have an transmission failure so soon. Yet, we get calls for Jeep Compass Transmissions for Sale on occasion, so GotTransmissions.com is prepared for such a situation. Call right now 866-320-1182 for super customer service. The Jeep [...]

Buy a Subaru Outback Transmission for less.

My first experience with a Subaru Outback was when the first commercials came out with Crocodile Dundee as a spokesperson. I loved those movies. The car or SUV as it is known to be, is a crossover design, meaning it will navigate the highways with grace and with the flick of a lever, you can [...]

Rebuilt Automatic Transmissions For Sale

When it comes to replacement transmissions, choosing one by yourself gets complicated. Transmissions more than any other auto part breed fear and confusion. We sell automobile and truck transmissions, these are fully ”rebuilt” automatic transmissions for sale, which is a technically identical term to ”remanufactured”. Other forms of transmissions for sale will be addressed at [...]