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Plymouth Voyager Transmissions for Sale

Although it is not being made anymore, the Plymouth Voyager is the same thing as a Dodge Caravan. It’s also the same thing as a Chrysler Town and Country van. All three use the exact same transmissions, if you need a Plymouth Voyager Transmission for Sale, we have it. The driveline design of all three vehicles [...]

Transmissions for sale: Dodge TF-604 axle leak problems..

One of the chronic problems with the old TF-413 series transmissions are drive axle leaks. Since that series of transmissions is decreasing through attrition, we will discuss drivel axle leaks with e TF 604 series front wheel drive transmissions.  Both problems and fixes are the same procedures, except for part numbers. More front wheel drive [...]

CVI is related to a TF604 like cold is to ice…

What is CVI. CVI is Clutch Volume Index. Brian of GotTransmissions.com said “Holy mackerel that sounds technical and complicated”. Technically speaking it is a technical marvel of modern diagnostics. As far as I know, only Chrysler TF-604 and FT 606 transmissions have this feature which makes this particular transmission diagnosis friendly. With the correct diagnosis tool [...]

What is a lock up torque converter chatter?

A lock up chatter can happen to any car that uses a lock up torque converter. Except for a very few truck models, every thing has a lock up in it nowadays, even big trucks.. The TF-604 is notorious for developing lock up problems in the converter. The Caravan which uses a TF-604 turns the engine [...]

The engine lite comes on and you “limp in” to the transmission shop

Most of the cars and trucks built from the early ’90’s and on use computerized transmissions. The newer the car the more advanced the computer system is. Some cars like the Dodge Viper have seven computers on board. Computerization has been and will be the wave of the future. I’m a big fan of hi [...]