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Toyota Hybrid Transmissions Lead The Way

Toyota Transmissions from GotTransmissions.com Stand Alone

Batteries and electronic technology get a lot of attention concerning hybrid vehicles. The Toyota research and development department has been burning the candle and working hard at developing affordable Toyota transmissions for hybrids, which is only one reason they lead the competition in hybrid transmission innovation. [...]

How to Change the Transmission Filter, Perform a “Flush and Fill” Procedure ..

… on 4th Gen TR4’s (and prior) With “Non-Sealed” Toyota Transmissions.

Thinking About Flushing Out Your Toyota Transmissions?

This DIY guide is designed for the 4Runner owner that has at least minimal mechanical skills, and who wishes to save at least a few hundred dollars over what most foreign auto repair shops, transmission [...]

Are Toyota Prius Transmissions For Sale Yet?

Toyota Prius Transmissions For Sale

Toyota Prius Transmission Question: I am not sure whether I am having a transaxle issue, battery issue, or inverter issue… When I get into my car at the end of the day after it has sat outside in the heat I experience a condition where the car [...]

CVT Car Transmissions Available Now

Pruis CVT Continuously Variable Transmissions

Continuously Variable Transmissions have a low gear ratio and a high gear ratio with a mechanism that allows a seamless and infinitely variable amount of ratios in-between. One advantage of a CVT is the ability to keep the power plants RPM’s (revolutions per minute) in it’s most [...]

Toyota has no recalls in Japan?

Toyota Car Problems?

You think we have it bad here in the USA with all of the Toyota recall issues. At least something is being done about it on our soil, but the whole issue stinks for all involved. I like to read The New York Times online [...]

My 95 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Automatic Transmission is Overheating

Puzzled by Automatic Transmissions

Question: Hi. Today I was driving up a long grade in the mountains near Albuquerque, at about 9000 feet, in my 1995 4Runner SR5, and the automatic transmission overheating light came on. I stopped immediatly, and I there was a burnt smell about the vehicle, [...]

Toyota Transmissions: Hybrid Synergy Drive Transmissions.

This video demonstrates the various technologies in the Toyota transmissions called Hybrid Synergy Drive, showing how braking energy is stored, how the engine responds to slower speeds and sudden acceleration, and what this means to drivers who want to reduce emissions. The video tells more in a few minutes than a two thousand word essay. [...]

Toyota Transmissions: Model A-140E for sale, very affordable prices.

Of all the Toyota Transmissions, we are most likely speaking of the Model A-140E. It was the first front wheel drive overdrive transmission used by Toyota in abundance. Question: I have a 1987 Toyota Camry. It has a 4 cylinder engine with automatic transmission and 285,000 miles. It has fuel injection, P/S and A/C. I’ve been [...]

Transmissions for sale: Toyota A245E Automatic Transaxle

The A245E produced from 1993-2007 is a Corolla automatic transaxle that was based on the A240E, and the following changes were made to reduce its size and weight, and to further improve the shift feel, Fuel efficiency and dynamic performance. One of the more popular transmissions for sale due to it’s massive useage. The A245E is [...]

A/W or Aisian/Warner Toyota transmissions…

Toyota uses the family of automatic FWD/RWD/4WD transmissions built by Aisin-Warner. They share much in common with Volvo’s AW7 and Aisin-Warner’s 03-71 transmissions, which are found in Suzukis, Mitsubishisi, and other Asian vehicles. Based on certain production dates, meaning the older units produced, buying a rebuilt transmission is by far the most affordable and reliable [...]