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Daewoo Automatic Transmission Supplier

Daewoo is a Korean car Company. It was purchased in 2001 by General Motors, now known as GM Daewoo. First introduced in America in 1995, it was poorly received, until GM purchased it and re-marketed it. In the U.S., Daewoo sold the Nubira, Lanos and Leganza models. As a Daewoo Automatic Transmission Supplier, GotTransmissions.com has [...]

Honda Accord Transmissions for Sale

The Honda Accord was the first Japanese car to be produced in the USA. It was introduced in 1982 to American drivers and is still in production. The Accord is rated as one of the most reliable cars in the world by many agencies. Even we have noticed the amazing stories of how long their [...]

4r70w transmission for sale

The 4R70W is a Ford automatic overdrive transmission. It is fully computerized with a lock-up torque converter. It supersedes the original Ford overdrive, the AOD (automatic overdrive) and the AODE, the E meaning electronic. After being introduced in 1980 the AOD went through constant redesigns and upgrades for almost 15 years before the 4R70W was [...]

Transmission Line

Transmission Line

Transmission line, no it’s not like the grocery line or the bank line. Rather, it is a piece of metal tubing line, which transfers the automatic transmissions fluid from the transmission to the radiator cooler and an auxiliary cooler should your vehicle have one, an auxiliary cooler, that is. Transmission [...]

Front Wheel Drive Transmissions and Transxaxles

There seems to be some confusion about the differences between front wheel drive cars and cars with transaxles. First off, a transaxle is a front wheel drive transmission, at least in 99 percent of the cases. Rear engined vehicles like Porsche have transaxles, but the unit is in the rear of the vehicle where the [...]

General Motors 4T45-E Front Wheel Drive Transaxles

The Key to General Motors Transmissions..GotTransmissions.com

The four-speed automatic transmissions is an excellent seamless shifting transaxle that responds quickly to the gas pedal and doesn’t hunt for shifts excessively at awkward speeds. Built by GM, this four-speed automatic, the Hydramatic 4T45-E is an upgrade over last year’s transmissions, which were outsourced to [...]

Toyota Hybrid Transmissions Lead The Way

Toyota Transmissions from GotTransmissions.com Stand Alone

Batteries and electronic technology get a lot of attention concerning hybrid vehicles. The Toyota research and development department has been burning the candle and working hard at developing affordable Toyota transmissions for hybrids, which is only one reason they lead the competition in hybrid transmission innovation. [...]

The Used Transmission Market

Used Transmissions Cost Less

The market for used automatic and manual transmissions is the fastest growing part of the replacement auto parts business. Used transmission suppliers are popping up on the internet like a hand full of seeds growing into plants, and you’ll find plenty of so called experts on used-transmissions everywhere. [...]

How to Change the Transmission Filter, Perform a “Flush and Fill” Procedure ..

… on 4th Gen TR4’s (and prior) With “Non-Sealed” Toyota Transmissions.

Thinking About Flushing Out Your Toyota Transmissions?

This DIY guide is designed for the 4Runner owner that has at least minimal mechanical skills, and who wishes to save at least a few hundred dollars over what most foreign auto repair shops, transmission [...]

Manual Transmissions Old and New

In 1832, W. H. James introduced his invention of a three-speed standard transmission. Panhard and Levassor ( a company name) are credited with the invention of the modern transmission – installed in their 1895 Panhard. On April 28, 1908, Leonard Dyer was awarded one of the earliest patents for an automotive transmission. The experimental vehicles were [...]