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Bounder Motorhome Transmissions for Sale Fast Delivery

My neighbor has a Bounder motor-home. I think it’s 36 feet long. It’s a nice motor-home, even though I would never own one. The drive-lines are of interest to me. This motor-home has a transmission worthy of the duties it has to perform. It is unusual, yet becoming more popular to use a truck transmission [...]

Allison AT545 Transmissions for sale

Allison AT 545 Transmissions for sale. Thanks.

Allison Transmissions are considered to be the best medium duty and large duty truck automatic transmissions. Allison is a division of General Motors Hydramatic Division. They are not passenger car or SUV transmissions. Let me say this; I have rebuilt literally hundreds and hundreds of [...]

Spicer ES52-7B Transmissions for sale

The ES52-7B is a 7 speed manual transmission for large heavy duty trucks. It is for commercial purposes only. The Spicer ”ES” prefix stands for Easy Shift. Part of Dana Holding company [a supplier of axles, big rig highway transmissions and drive-train components], Spicer was incorporated in 1904 as Spicer Universal Joint Manufacturing Company by [...]

AGS 520 transmission for sale

AGS 520 transmission for sale

AGS, an acronym for Automated Gear Shift, which is an automated manual transmission created by Detroit Diesel to make driving easier and more efficient for drivers of ”big rigs”. More to the point, this transmission can also be called a Mercedes ”big rig” truck transmission since Mercedes [...]

Manual Transmissions, Nascar Style..

Jerico Manual Transmissions

Winning races demands preparation, durability and the performance to be in a winning position when it counts. Jerico’s WC4-4 Super Duty manual transmissions, the product of over 25 years of experience, research and brutal real-world testing provides the edge you need — and the peace of [...]

Consider Used Transmissions As Your Solution.

Strong Used Transmissions for Sale

Being somewhat hesitant to invest your money in a used transmission to replace a worn out or broken transmission is natural. I agree with someone who is skeptical when it comes to buying used transmissions. Your first thought may be my car has a [...]