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Used Transmissions Sales: Free Quotes, Affordable Prices.

Unfortunately, bad things happen to car and truck transmissions that can’t be predicted without a crystal ball. Lets say all of a sudden the automatic transmission in your car starts to slip a lot and you dropped it off at the local automotive transmission repair shop. You fill out the invoice, filling in the “you [...]

I Said “Dude you need a good Used Transmission”.

Used Transmissions For Sale

“Where Our Customers Send Their Friends” A day or so ago I got a call from a friend. It happens all the time. He had questions related to transmissions, his in particular. It almost sounds like a Three Stooges plot or Abbot and Costello when the questions start to [...]

The Finest Low-Mileage Used Transmissions For Sale ASAP.

Used Transmissions For Sale

When we talk about buying  used transmissions, there are plenty of things to take into consideration. The first thing is locating the right transmission supply company. The second item is the make sure you buy a certified and pre-tested low mileage used transmission. Only the cream of the [...]

Used Transmissions Last Longer With Synthetic ATF

Unless you are driving a model A or T Ford, your automatic transmission and standard transmission uses synthetic transmission fluids. All cars use synthetic transmission fluid now, all auto manufacturers use synthetic automatic transmission fluids in their automatic transmissions from the factory, and most of the modern standard transmissions actually use synthetic automatic transmission fluid [...]

What Defines The Term “Used Transmissions”?

How would you define the term used transmissions? Did you ever stop to think that when you buy a new car with only 5 miles on it, the transmission is a used transmission now? Realistically speaking once the transmissions are fired up at the factory it is now a used transmission, in essence. After the [...]

Dealerships Now Install Used Transmissions to Lower your Costs.

Some people portray the dealerships automotive service departments as one of the biggest ripoffs in terms of transmissions and replacement parts or repairs. The dealer may not be able to match some of the prices independent repair shops quote, but the mechanics at a dealership are well educated and trained in the particular brand of [...]

Low Mileage Used Transmissions are Cheap and Reliable

Over the last 8 to 10 years it seems that automobile drivers are starting to figure out that used transmissions with low mileage is the one way to replace your transmission and not have to cancel your vacation, break the bank or put off an important trip. Before used transmissions became popular and marketable, you [...]

Used Transmissions for sale: Low mileage, affordable foreign transmissions.

The best idea for installing a replacement transmission in a foreign car, particularly Japanese cars is a transmission that came out of a car that had a JDM engine in it. What is JDM? JDM is the Japanese Domestic Market. This market is tremendous and a seeming limitless supply of low mileage used transmissions. The Japanese [...]

Mazda To Debut Next Generation Automatic Transmissions..

Mazda Motor plans to unveil its eco-friendly, next generation gasoline and diesel engines and automatic transmissions at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show, to be held from October 24, 2009. To be introduced in the US soon there after. Mazda is expected to exhibit the ‘Mazda SKY-G’ direct injection gasoline engine, the ‘Mazda SKY-D’ clean diesel engine, [...]

Saab Transmissions: Used Transmissions are a perfect choice..

Saab’s are nice cars, especially for drivers in the Northern areas of the United States. They have good transmissions, and a loyal community of enthusiastic mechanics to support your needs. You may pay more to maintain your Saab than you will for many other vehicles, but for most drivers, their smooth handling, safety, and gas [...]