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Toyota 4Runner Transmissions for Sale 2002 and Up

One of the best advancements in chassis design came during the 4th generation Toyota 4Runners, which ran from 2002 to 2009. Toyota started using automatic transmission models A750E and A750F. As a transmission mechanic, this was significant upgrade, it also reduced the amount of transmission failures, should you need a Toyota 4Runner Transmission for Sale 2002 and Up, call 866-320-1182 for immediate help.

A fair and ample description of said transmission is below for those interested in the function and theory of operation:
An A750E [for 2WD model] or A750F [for 4WD model] 5-speed Super Electronic Controlled Transmission is used. The only difference between the A750E and A750F is in the extension housing and output shaft. These automatic transmissions are equipped with multi-mode automatic transmission function.

These automatic transmissions are equipped with an ATF warmer as standard for cold climates. Some models are also equipped with an ATF cooler as an option to ensure high ATF cooling performance.

Either a column shift lever or floor shift lever is available depending on the seat type [bench type or separate type]. The ATF warmer, ATF cooler, column shift lever and floor shift lever are available as shown below. Multi-mode Automatic Transmission A multi-mode automatic transmission is designed to allow the driver to switch the gear ranges [a multi-mode transmission is not for manually selecting single gears]. After shifting the shift lever to the S mode position and moving the shift lever to the “+” position or to the “-” position, the driver can select the desired shift range.

Thus, the driver is able to shift gears with a manual-like feel. The torque converter has an electronic function called lock-up clutch control, thus allowing for improved fuel economy. Lock up is like having another forward gear, reducing engine wear and increasing fuel mileage.

This is a modern computerized high technology transmission for a real heavy duty workhorse. If you are in need of a replacement transmission, take a few minutes and call one of our representatives and find out if a rebuilt transmission, a low mileage used transmission or a new transmission fits your bill and interests. Call 866-320-1182.

Find out about our peace of mind warranties and discover what real customer service is all about. Upon completion of your order, we ship or deliver within 24 hours. GotTransmissions.com is “Where our customers send their friends”.

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