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General Motors 4T45-E Front Wheel Drive Transaxles

The Key to General Motors

The Key to General Motors

The four-speed automatic transmissions is an excellent seamless shifting transaxle that responds quickly to the gas pedal and doesn’t hunt for shifts excessively at awkward speeds. Built by GM, this four-speed automatic, the Hydramatic 4T45-E is an upgrade over last year’s transmissions, which were outsourced to independent transmission manufacturers and suppliers.

The Hydra-Matic 4T45 is an electronically controlled four-speed transaxle that exceeds the levels of reliability and shift quality of it’s predecessor the 4T40. The transmissions ‘learn as you drive’ calibrated electronic controls enable the transmission to adapt to a all driving conditions. Using various data including temperature and certain driving conditions we usually don’t associate with cars in order to make a precise shift every time.

All 4T45 transaxles use the GM’s ECCC (Electronic Controlled Capacity Clutch) technology for torque converter lock-up functions. ECCC allows a very small degree of controlled slip in the torque converter lockup clutch to isolate drivetrain pulses and contribute to smooth delivery of power.

The transaxle’s low-noise operation is a result of the high degree angle cut on the helix angle gears, (the greater the angle the less noise) and the random-pattern design drive chain. Mass has been reduced through trimming fat off the case and use of materials that save weight without losing integrity. Driver Shift Control is more precise and fun due to the floor-mounted shift lever. Moving the lever rearward and to the right enables engagement of DSC, and small movements of the lever forward or rearward will upshift and downshift the transaxle.

Electronic controls insures the activity in the transmission remains consistent and in top operating order. That is one reason to check the engine lite periodically, an computer or electrical problem will turn the engine light on. The 4T45 has valve body and shift plate which allows the ability to electronically change shifts as signaled by the driver pushing a switch on the gear shift lever.

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