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Rebuilt GM THM-4T65E Transmissions-Transaxles

Rebuilt GM 4T65E Transmissions-Transaxles For Sale

Rebuilt GM 4T65E Transmissions-Transaxles For Sale

This General Motors 4T65E transaxle/transmissions fit Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac and Oldsmobile front wheel drive cars, are fully automatic transmissions with electronic controls. Shifts are all controlled by the PCM (pressure control module), by two shift solenoids, line pressure is also fully electronic and controlled by a PCS (pressure control solenoid), or EPC which is commanded by the PCM.

This transaxle also employs the use of a (torque converter clutch), or TCC and is used to further enhance gas mileage and keep engine RPMs lower. The TCC style in this trans is a PWM type, which stands for pulse width modulation. This style PWM TCC system was developed to allow for a smooth engagement of lockup and allows constant slippage of the TCC and can apply in 2nd through 4th gears.

The constant slippage is tolerable to the converter because of a special TCC lining developed especially for this purpose and is called a Woven lining. An ordinary TCC clutch would burn up and shudder violently if used in this type of system.

Using the correct rebuilt torque converter with this particular transmission is critical for proper operation and lifespan. Deal with professionals when purchasing this exact transaxle, many torque converters look alike on the outside.

This has proven to be a reliable transmission/transaxle being used in practically all of the General Motors front wheel drive cars using overdrive. In fact, there are no more non-overdrive transmissions available in most car manufacturers lineups.

One of the few upgrades possible that improves the overall shift quality and in particular improves the TCC system described above is a carefully crafted upgrade shift improvement kit. Using OEM (original equipment parts) or better with an upgrade kit is the surest way to success when searching for a rebuilt transmission.

The final ingredient to complete the job is critical. Use factory recommended fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid in this unit. The factory fill is a synthetic fluid. Synthetic fluids are very slippery, they also allow a larger operating temperature, insuring the ATF will perform it’s duties in extreme cold or hot temperatures. has been outperforming the industry competition by building value in every rebuilt Pontiac transmission we offer for sale. Call us at 866-320-1182 and speak to a trained representative about how we can outfit you with a transmission that suits your budget and needs.

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