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Transaxles and Front Wheel Drive Cars Need Special Attention

That is an excellent question, which deserves an answer. There are two types of lubrication systems used to lubricate the differential in front wheel drive transmissions or transaxles. There is virtually no information available to the public on this matter, and the and it costs plenty of people unnecessary money by having to purchase a used transmission because of  the lack of information.

Lets address this issue now. Because this is relatively unknown subject, even the ‘specialists’ at lubrication joints don’t check the front differential oil on the cars that have a separate reservoir for the differential oil. Many transmission specialty shops fail to check the differential oil in the types of transaxles I just mentioned, when they perform a transmissions service. Some people just don’t take care of their transmissions and or transaxles.

The other type of system uses the transmission fluid to lubricate the differential portion. In the case of this type of transaxle, the differential is lubricated by the same fluid that lubricates the transmission and makes the tranny go. Therefore when a transmission service is performed the differential fluid is automatically changed.

Obviously this makes a transmission service even more important to stay up to date on. My recommendation for servicing your transaxle, including the differential if you have a separate reservoir is to do it every year or 30,000 miles. If you overheat the engine, get it changed  asap, and if you use your vehicle for commercial work, shorten the mileage interval to 20,000 miles. Last and most important, request synthetic lubricants only. If the shop you deal with does not use them and gives you some double talk about not needing to use synthetic fluid. Go somewhere else.

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