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Rebuilt Transfer Cases for Sale

Rebuilt Transfer Cases For Sale

Rebuilt Transfer Cases For Sale

The term transfer case does not only apply to four wheel drive trucks and SUV’s anymore. We have to think outside the box to imagine what other names and purposes transfer cases are used for and referred to as. Don’t be surprised if we ask a lot of questions when you call about rebuilt transfer cases for sale, we want to get it right the first time.

There are two common ways the “internal workings” in most transfer cases are driven. #1; Full gear drive transfer cases use a set of gears to drive the front and rear planetary gears, and on to the front and rear drive-shafts. These are generally independent mounted, commercial grade strong, heavy gear boxes that are used in large trucks, not used in automobiles and light trucks since the NP205.

Transfer cases which use a #2; chain to transfer power internally use a wide lap link drive chain to drive the planetaries and gears, as an alternative method to gear drive. Chain-driven transfer cases have several benefits; they are noticeably quieter, much smoother and lighter in weight than gear-driven ones. The chain driven transfer cases are the most popular by a long-shot and are used in almost all modern vehicles, such as compact trucks, full size trucks, Jeeps and SUVs [AWD].

It’s important to mention that All Wheel Drive [AWD] passenger cars, SUV’s and vans use a form of a transfer case. In reality it is pretty much the same system as a 4 wheel drive pickup with some refinements such as electronic computer controlled push-button or fully automatic operation for unnoticed operation and special mounting brackets to absorb vibration.

Very popular in hilly or snow covered areas.

Transfer cases can also be referred to as either “independent” or “married”. “Married” transfer cases are bolted directly to the back of the transmission with an adapter. Sometimes a “married” transfer case is an integral part of the transmission [AWD] and the two components share the same a common housing, commonly found in the Audi A8 AWD.

An “independent” transfer case is mounted completely separate from the transmission; the transfer case is connected to the transmission by a short drive-shaft, as opposed to being bolted to the transmission. Married transfer cases account for 90 % of modern cars, luxury cars, trucks and SUV’s. Independent transfer cases are used on very long wheelbase vehicles, such as commercial trucks, over road rigs, excavating equipment, farm equipment and military vehicles.

Searching for a rebuilt transfer case? Try calling our team of specialists. All you really need for an exact match is your registration which has the vehicle identification number [VIN] on it. With the VIN, we can sell you a top line rebuilt transfer case or AWD unit and get it right the first time. Call now and find out how affordable the best can be. GotTransmissions.com

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