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Transfer Cases for sale.

You have probably been wondering when I will bring up what a transfer case is? And where you can purchase a quality transfer case for sale. Transfer cases are used in the automotive industry as power splitters, where the power from the transmission is split, or transferred to both the front wheels and the rear wheels. We call this four wheel drive and all wheel drive.

Four wheel drive (4X4) vehicles are the most common applications for a transfer case. All 4X4s use a transfer case system that can transfer the power output from the transmission to the rear wheels and front wheels. Although the terminology all wheel drive (AWD) is used on cars and light duty vans too, the principle is the same, somehow the automakers like you to think AWD indicates something more sophisticated than a 4X4 truck.

For example: In the picture below, the top half or part closest to this paragraph is the transmission, specifically a Ford 4R70W automatic transmission. In the center of the diagram is where the transfer case and transmission meet. The transfer case. A Borg Warner (B/W) 4406, is the bottom half of the picture, which has a yoke on the very back, which attaches to a driveshaft (not pictured) that goes to the rear differential. On the left side you can see a driveshaft already bolted to the transfer case pointing to the top or front of the transmission. This driveshaft goes to a front differential, and when activated allows the vehicle to become four wheel drive or all wheel drive.

 4R70W transmission with F150 BW4406

4R70W transmission with F150 BW4406

The most common system in vehicles termed 4X4 or AWD is to have a transfer case bolted to the back of the transmission (as in the above picture), automatic or standard which has two power outputs. One to the rear differential and one to the front differential. So, in order to simplify the matter, a 4X4 or AWD has both a front and rear differential.

For the most part transfer cases in general are fairly solid trouble free units. Most of the issues or problems that occur are with the trucks with big tires that are driven off the road, for hunting or fun. The big tires put an extra strain on the transfer case along with aggressive driving habits ‘off the road’ is where most issues occur.

The second most common reason for failure is a leak. As in a drip. Meaning that over a long period of time, a drip here and there is enough to leak enough of the lubricant causing a major internal failure. Drips often go unnoticed, however, every time the engine oil or transmission fluid is changed, the transfer case lubricant should be checked too.

For my money, meaning if I needed a transfer case for my truck, I would be interested in a low-mileage transfer case for sale. Experience has taught me that this is the most cost effective way to replace a worn out or broken transfer case. In the event that a good low mileage transfer case is not available, my next choice would be a rebuilt transfer case. There are several things about purchasing a rebuilt transfer case I feel are mandatory. The two most important things parts wise are: 1. The new bearings are American made and 2. The seals and gaskets are American made.

I’ll discuss why I feel so emphatic about USA made bearings in my next post. Getting to the point of purchasing a transfer case for sale, the company who is outperforming the competition hands down is My reason for saying this is that the owner, Brian understands that selling the most reliable products is the best value in the long run. spends a large amount of time doing the research for you.

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