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Caravan Transmission Codes, # P0706

If you have Got Transmission trouble codes number P0705 or P0706 in a Dodge A604 transmission (Caravan, Town and County, Voyager) lets see what it means and all the possible causes for it. Remember to follow the general preliminary diagnosis routines before you start any repair.

Code Description: P0705 – Check Shifter Signal
P0706 – Check Shifter Signal

Functional Operation; The Transmission Control Module (TCM) monitors a series of switches (C1 through C4) inside the Transmission Range Sensor (TRS) in order to determine shift lever position. Each switch can either be open or closed, and each lever position has it’s own unique combination of open and closed switches. This combination is referred to as the ‘PRNDL code’ (Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Low). If the TCM detects any invalid PRNDL code that lasts for more than .01 seconds, 3 times in one key cycle, the code will set. The ‘check engine’ light will not illuminate, and the transmission will not go into limp mode. However, the customer may complain that all or none of the PRNDL lights in the dash were illuminated.

Possible Causes:

  • Failed Transmission Range Sensor
  • Worn code plate (rooster comb).
  • Broken, spread, or pushed in terminals in the TRS connector.
  • Broken, spread, or pushed in terminals in the TCM connector.
  • Open or shorted TRS T1 circuit
  • Open or shorted TRS T3 circuit
  • Open or shorted TRS T41 circuit
  • Open or shorted TRS T42 circuit
  • Excessive metallic debris in the transmission fluid
  • TCM – Internal Failure
  • Once the problem has been accurately diagnosed with the proof, you have to decide what is realistically in your best interest. A repair to an old transmission as simple as replacing the MLPS or an internal problem that requires a rebuilt transmission. Only you can decide, with the help of the professionals at GotTransmissions.com. 866-320-1182

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