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Be responsible: take your waste oil to a certified depository..

Being responsible to the environment is your duty. Disposing of used engine liquids such as transmission fluid, engine oil and anti-freeze coolants is not only an environmental responsibility, it is also a public health responsibility. Most fluids found underneath your vehicles hood are poisonous to humans, and our pets.

I realized I did not mention this in any earlier posts and I should have. I should have mentioned petroleum waste disposal in the post on changing your transmission fluid.  You can bet that environmental responsibility is married to hi ethics in a repair shop. You should always do your business with a business that meets these challenges.

Every lubrication joint and engine repair shop or any business that produces toxic waste is legally required to dispose of those wastes properly. The government has agencies that keep an eye on toxic wastes disposal. If you are dumping waste oil be prepared to have a GIANT fine levied on you. Most garages and auto parts stores will gladly accept your waste oil or coolant and most cities have a central collection location for petroleum wastes disposal.

Even a simple lawn mower oil change on the driveway produces enough petroleum wastes to create an environmental problem. Every professional automotive transmission repair shop should follow waste disposal rules with strict rigidity.  It is my opinion that this should be an etched in granite requirement for consumers when choosing a repair shop.

Using a company that embraces this paradigm is why you can believe that you are in good hands. Chances are they follow all the rules!!

Using a replacement transmission company that abides by these rules as your source for finding an engine or used transmission is a great way of knowing you are dealing with a legally responsible and morally ethical company.  There is much more qualified and real-world useful information on the Gottransmissions.com blog

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