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Used Transmissions Are a Cost Effective And Reliable Solution.

In the last few years a used automatic transmission has proven to be a cost effective and reliable way to solve the probem. I like the fact that it was brand new at one point and has never been worked on before. If the factory did the job right and the car had no transmission history than in most cases that is my choice. Transmissions parts are made on Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines that produce a perfect part everytime.

Don’t confuse used with remanufactured, rebuilt or reconditioned transmissions, they are an entirely different product.

Automatic transmissions are a mystery of modern technology. It was that way in the late ’40’s when they were introduced and has continued as they have evolved with time. A puzzle for most people. The most qualified peple I know of are the experts at GotTransmsissons.com. You can talk to a person who can help educate you and help you decide if a good used low mileage transmission is in your best interest. Brian, the gentleman who owns GotTranmssions.com has done the footwork and has qualified the finest used transmissions on the market. Obviously making one call instead of ten phone calls to find the best used automatic transmission saves time and money.

Before you even drive the vehicle with a used transmission installed, it must be maintained. After you have installed the transmission is when you should perform the “service“. This will give you a starting point to know when you should maintain it next time. “How often should you maintain your transmission?” is a recent post on that subject.

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