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Technical Data: Dodge TF-A604 / 41TE

The Torque Flight A604 Dodge transmission, (designated the 41TE in Chrysler talk), came out in 1989 and has turned into one of the most reliable front wheel drive transmissions on the market. Partly due to factory upgrades and partly through the after market. Even the chronic leaky axle seal problem can be cured now.

The 41TE is a four-speed transaxle that is a conventional hydraulic/mechanical assembly with an integral differential, and is controlled with adaptive electronic controls and monitors. The hydraulic system of the transaxle consists of the transaxle fluid, fluid passages, hydraulic valves, and various line pressure control components. An input clutch assembly which houses the underdrive, overdrive, and reverse clutches is used. It also utilizes separate holding clutches: 2nd/4th gear and Low/Reverse. The primary mechanical components of the transaxle consist of the following:

  • Three multiple disc input clutches
  • Two multiple disc holding clutches
  • Four hydraulic accumulators
  • Two planetary gear sets
  • Hydraulic oil pump
  • Valve body
  • Solenoid/Pressure switch assembly
  • Integral differential assembly

Control of the transaxle is accomplished by fully adaptive electronics. Optimum shift scheduling is accomplished through continuous real-time sensor feedback information provided to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or Transmission Control Module (TCM).

The PCM/TCM is the heart of the electronic control system and relies on information from various direct and indirect inputs (sensors, switches, etc.) to determine driver demand and vehicle operating conditions. With this information, the PCM/TCM can calculate and perform timely and quality shifts through various output or control devices (solenoid pack, transmission control relay, etc.).

The PCM/TCM also performs certain self-diagnostic functions and provides comprehensive information (sensor data, DTC’s, etc.) which is helpful in proper diagnosis and repair. This information can be viewed with a scan tool.

To be realistic about it, if you are looking to buy a remanufactured A604 transmission, than the technical data may have no meaning to you. The reason for the change was repeated PRNDL failures, a redesigned PRNDL was made to cure code #0706. What is important is that from 1995 and on the bulk of problems (code #0706) were worked out in this transmission through a lot of research and development. It is not an easy task to determine who sells the remanufactured transmissions that have all of the latest upgrades by looking at it. Most of the upgrades can not be seen on the outside and you would not know an update if it smacked you in the face.

Trust is the way to find a remanufactured Caravan transmission that has been prepared for maximum life and minimum problems. After 30 plus years as a transmission shop owner and a rebuilder and diagnostician, my experience with transmissions suppliers left me with only one company that could meet my expectations. GotTransmissions.com was not hard to deal with, they were very open to letting me poke around their inventory. My conclusion was consistent with the people I met there. A class outfit from the first time you contact them, to the time your remanufactured transmission arrives. Customer support is excellent too.

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