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Aluminum Transmission Case Gets Buffed Job.

This is one the processes rough sand cast cast aluminum transmissions, cases and covers have to be processed through. Two Fanuc robots (M-710) handling and deburring transmission cases for large mass production companies. The robots work right out of the trim press off the die-casting machine. It is a CNC machine. CNC is an acronym for computer numerically controlled. Meaning minimal humans necessary.

It is wild how the two complicated machines work in unison machining off casting marks and flaws, sharp edges and in general making the cases both mechanically safe from cutting anyone who picks the part up, and cosmetically appealing. Just another example of one of the many machining processes that a transmission case has to go through before it is ready to fill with brand new components.

Pretty cool eh? Watch and enjoy:

I hope this video empowers you to understand the intricate process a transmission case and it’s covers have to go through before they can be loaded with transmission parts. This type of stuff I find very cool. It is not important that you find the process important if you need a replacement transmission. Read on.

If fact you may want to get right to the point. Find out more about which transmission we can sell you that is in your best interests, and how fast can you get it. I understand.

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