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What is an automatic transmission solenoid??

An automatic transmission solenoid is simply a solenoid. A solenoid is an electrical device that opens and closes by getting a command from the computer in your car. Of course the computer gets many signals from other inputs all over the car, in order to make a decision.

What then is a solenoid?? Here is cool demo using water:

Solenoids are somewhat more complicated than that and operate many sophisticated devices on your car. They also are inside your transmission. Solenoids come in multiples and sometimes they are a ‘solenoid block’ assembly pack. These assemblies carry as many as 8 solenoids on certain transmissions. The solenoids bath in automatic transmission fluid.

It is easy to see how a fully operational electrical system is imperative in how a fully computerized car performs. System is the key word here. The electrical system is so sensitive that a loose or worn gas cap can cause serious driveability problems. The computer detects a vacuum leak at the gas cap, it therefore sends a false signal to the engine that it is starving for gas, which causes a loss of performance and gas mileage.

Every remanufactured transmission GotTransmissions.com sells had new OEM solenoids.

We will use the GotTransmissions.com Blog to discuss specific solenoids and their duty’s. Sign up for a free subscription to our blog..

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