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Transmission Components: What makes a good torque converter?

Dependability concerns in choosing a torque converter – Regardless of the reason for buying a torque converter, an educated buyer should look for several features in the product one is considering purchasing in order to assure that both the transmission and torque converter have nice long lives.

Furnace brazed fins – greatly improves the strength characteristics of the fins. The furnace brazing causes the housing and fins to move and act integrally as one unit. This greatly reduces the amount of flex, which causes fins to bend and break. Also, the more rigid the fins stay while under pressure, the more consistent the behavior of the torque converter.

Needle bearings – properly selected and installed bearings withstand more pressure and provide less internal drag (drag robs horsepower and increases heat) than can be achieved with OEM style thrust washers. Thrust washers also tend to flake off material adding to contamination in the system (the transmission/torque converter hydraulic system.)

Drive-ability concerns in choosing a torque converter -The only concern here is that you install the factory original part, which should come with your replacement transmission. Every transmission purchased from, be it a remanufactured, rebuilt transmission have the correct, upgraded torque converter come with it.

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