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Automatic Transmission Maintenanace: Fluid Information…

Automatic transmission fluid may well be the most important part of a modern automatic transmission. It has been said that the transmission fluid is the “life blood” of the transmission. Therefore, it is very important that transmission fluid have the same performance and durability as any other part in the transmission.

The pump in the develops pressure, the transmission fluid then exerts force to move internal transmission parts. It lubricates internal transmission parts while acting as a coolant to carry heat away from the transmission’s clutches, torque converter, and retarder sections. The heat is extracted and the transmission fluid is cooled in the cooling circuit. Various filters, built into the system, keep the fluid clean and free of debris.

Transmission fluids are designed to stay in the transmission for long periods of time. The better the fluid quality, the less you will have to maintain it. Transmission companies has worked with lubricant manufacturers and their scientists over the years to continuously improve automatic transmission fluids.

Transmission fluids technology has come a long way over the past 5 – 10 years. Mobil 1 and other quality brands of pure synthetic fluids are primary examples of what can be accomplished through advanced transmission fluid technologies. Modern transmission fluids, such as Mobil 1 and Royal Purple are capable of lasting many hours and many miles without the need for change in a wide variety of vocations and applications ranging from school buses to very large mining equipment. Extended drain intervals translate to reduced maintenance and improved productivity.

Check the mileage on your car, look at your owners manual and have your transmission serviced at the correct mileage intervals. Request pure synthetic automatic transmission fluid or go somewhere else. Don’t let anyone talk you out of synthetic ATF or putting a ‘magical’ additive in conventional transmission fluid that turns it into synthetic fluid.

Reminding you that most in the last 10 years most cars come from the factory with synthetic fluid. Otherwise, you may need to contact after a pre-mature transmission failure. Call 866-320-1182.

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