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Standard Transmissions Need Maintenance Too.

We are always talking about transmission maintenance, when you should have it done and the value of properly performed regular transmission maintenace. Many folks may be left with the idea that a standard or manual shift transmission may not need maintenance or it is not as important. Lets clear this mystery up today.

While it may be true that standard transmissions need less maintenance than an automatic transmission, in some ways that makes it more important to have the proper maintenance with the correct lubrication oil done on schedule. Standard transmissions don’t get the ‘love’, they are the forgotten ones, until they act up.

Another myth GotTransmissions.com would like to dispel of is that a standard transmission is cheaper and easier to repair than an automatic transmission. When it comes down to brass tacks, that is absolutely incorrect. In my 25 plus years of operating my own transmission shop and repairing transmissions and listening to ‘expert customers‘ talk about their wealth of knowledge on standard transmissions from the ‘old days’, they the only people who think manual tranny’s are easier and cheaper to fix.

The cost to replace a standard transmission can equal or exceed an automatic transmission any day, especially if you need a clutch kit installed too. Lets make it important to follow a few basic maintenance directions so yo won’t have a premature emergency…transmission failure.

I can and will add the finer details on the different styles of standard transmissions and the unfortunate effects using incorrect lubrication products for your specific application will have, but for now I just want you to know the importance of this maintenance procedure. Our next GotTransmissions.com Blog will be detailed in the types of lubricants various standard transmissions use and how often to have them changed depending on your useage.

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