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Bad Standard Transmission, remember to check the clutch..

If it comes down to having a standard /manual transmission failure, don’t forget to check the clutch or have the repair shop check your clutch out. Getting a good used low mileage standard transmission or a quality rebuilt standard transmission is easy. That is if you buy it from GotTranmsissions.com. The experts that you will talk with can help you decide what type of replacement transmission is in your best interests.

Taking a logical approach to your clutch assembly, one would be correct in thinking the clutch may be worn out as well, especially if it is the original one. Even if it has been replaced, why not look at it? It would be a drag to have the clutch fail in 3 months and have to duplicate the labor of taking out the transmission again.

That is not really saving money in the long run. I recommend as well to have the flywheel resurfaced at the same time. This is a system of sorts and by updating everything involved, it increases your confidence and the vehicles reliability. It is hard to rationalize not replacing the clutch too if you brake down on the side of the road for not being responsible to the whole system.

Speaking of systems, most every vehicle made in the last 20 years uses a hydraulic clutch activation system. Consisting of a clutch master cylinder and a clutch slave cylinder. It is a great time to check them closely or replace these items as well.

The last thing I have to say about this, at least today, is that new clutches are available and very affordable now. The days of rebuilt clutches are coming to an end. There are a variety of companies that offer new original equipment clutches, upgraded clutch kits and flywheels for no more than a rebuilt clutch costs.

Be a wise and qualified consumer. If you are in the habit of using a repair shop for your repairs, mention this when you drop off your car, also make sure you check the box that says “I request a written estimate”. At my shop we even faxed estimates to our customers to examine and sign. So they don’t necessarily have to make a special trip to sign the invoice, unless they are interested in seeing what you are talking about.

We intend to keep stocking our GotTransmissions.com Blog with more and more helpful tips. If you are uncertain of anything car repair related, make sure you frequent our blog for an answeror simply ask me in the comment area.

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