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Transmission Repairs:I recently drove my friends 1998 Honda CRV….

I noticed this Honda transmission problem on The Mechanics Lounge forum and felt like it is a worthy question that deserves a logical answer.

Problem: I recently drove my friends 1998 Honda CRV. I parked it, turned the car off, went inside, and when I started it again, I couldn’t shift it out of park. I put it back it park (or so I thought) and turned the car off. When I took my foot off the brake, it started to roll forward. Then I tried to turn the car back on, but it wouldn’t respond. It is now sitting in neutral (or whatever) in my driveway with the parking brake on and rocks wedged under the wheels to keep it from rolling. Does anyone know what the problem might be? I tried shifting/turning the car on while turning the wheel and pumping the brakes, but the it seems to be stuck. I also can’t use the shift lock release because the key will not come out of the ignition. Any help would be appreciated..

Most Likely Problem/s:
1. Broken shifter cable. since it is easy to check, make sure the cable is not broken, unhooked or kinked.
2. I don’t have my automotive computer program here, but their may be a blown fuse that allows the shift lock mechanism to lock and unlock.
3. Possibly, that the ignition switch is broken ( Quote: I also can’t use the shift lock release because the key will not come out of the ignition), Usually it won’t turn, which is an indicator that the ignition switch is internally damaged.
4. The shifter mechanism is damaged
5. the transmission shift shaft and assembly is damaged or jammed.

Obviously I’m guessing. No diagnosis can be made until a qualified transmission expert examines your car. If you have no aptitude for auto mechanics and don’t want to get greasy than find a reputable repair shop and let them diagnose the problem. Don’t forget to sign an invoice requesting an estimate before work starts.

Regardless of what may be causing the problem, forums are not always the best palace to get certain questions answered. Reason being that highly technical questions and odd questions or a problem such as yours have to be looked at by a professional transmission mechanic. A large amount of people throwing answers in your face are not even mechanics. They are just suggesting that you swap parts until it is fixed. A very expensive and slow way to fix a modern car.

If you were to need a replacement transmission or more transmission advise, ask me in the comment box or call @ 866-320-1182 and speak with a transmission expert.

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