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Hand Help Code Readers Save Money on Repairs, Which Makes Them..

Affordable. If you are handy with your car or truck repairs at home than most likely you have a home-owners hand held code reader. Back-Yard mechanics are often very savvy and capable of making many of their own automotive repairs. Although your transmission is an automotive mystery to most automotive people, including technicians, with the help of a scan tool, even you may be able to do a simple, modest repair on your transmission at home.

By reading the”TF 604 Automatic Transmission Code: p740 on a Caravan” post answering a common question many people ask is an example of money being wasted and the transmission becoming even more damaged than it was as he went from the ‘lets change parts until it is fixed’ method of diagnosis many shops use.

Affordable code reader/scan tool

Affordable code reader/scan tool

This particular code reader is affordable (about $150) and a top-line tool. It will scan, but our interests are simply seeing the code/s present and reading the accomanying book to see what the code means. There are less expensive ones I have seen at Napa, AutoZone and most auto parts houses. The demand for these simple tools are increasing fast because the smart home mechanic knows that if the engine lite is on, there is a code to be read. I would go to a parts place and look at them and ask questions first. I’m not recommending a brand.

The man asking the P0740 code question, assuming he was capable of doing a home repair, may have been able to fix his problem for less than 100 bucks if the vehicle speed sensor was the problem with his speedometer and shifting problem. 99% 0f the time a code # P0740 is a bad VSS.

Poor diagnostics or lack of diagnostics is one reason so many automatic transmissions fail. If yours falls that way than GotTransmissions.com is the premier source of all replacement transmissions. Their tremendous inventory includes used transmissions, new transmissions, transmissions and upgraded transmissions for special uses. They offer great warranties that are nationwide, thus building your confidence level for traveling as well as everyday activities.

Believe it or not, every transmission sold by GotTransmissions.com are certified pre-tested, and that includes a code reading and scan job. Even on new and transmissions.

It is not a crime if you don’t have a mechanical touch, many folks don’t. With that in mind it becomes imperative that you deal with a competent repair shop that is equipped with the correct scan tools and mechanics that can use them. Use our GotTransmissions.com Blog for more useful information. Feel free to ask me a question, I will gladly answer all. Good luck and Enjoy.

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