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Why Do San Francisco Car Transmissions Have Problems?

San Fransisco Car Transmissions

San Francisco Car Transmissions

That is a good question. Lets get right to the point. Cars with automatic transmissions have problems all over the country, yet it is a proven fact that Francisco car transmissions have excessive transmission problems. Well first off, San Fransisco has big hills, and we can assume with a great deal of confidence that hills are the enemy here.

Hills don’t do any transmissions a favor. Without being a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist, it is easy to feel that your car works harder when you go up any reasonable incline. Nearly every driver feels the sensation of driving up a hill, you need to push the gas pedal harder.

Anytime more power is needed, especially when we hit a hill, more heat is generated by the transmission because it has to work harder. The engine gets hotter too, but the motor has a radiator to stabilize the temperature under every circumstance. The transmission is indirectly cooled by the engine radiator, so the tranny can’t overheat, while the engine is running at normal temperatures.

The best solution for avoiding this issue or not having to deal with it again (if you are having a replacement transmission installed) is: A. use synthetic automatic transmissions fluid. B. have the fluid changed 20 percent more often than the factory owners manual recommendation. C. have an auxiliary transmission cooler installed. Keep the fluid cool.

Follow the above recommendations and no matter where you live, you will get maximum transmission life. Don’t forget that you should be aware of any unusual drippings of fluids or oils under your car. Whatever it is get it fixed. Especially the transmission, more transmissions go bad from a small leak going unattended, allowing the transmission to run low on fluid than any other reason.

If you have experienced a transmission failure in San Francisco or anywhere in the continental US, has a replacement transmission that will suit your budget and driving circumstances. Call us now @ 866-320-1182 and discuss with one of our representatives how we can serve you. We will gladly supply all the education you need to make a terrific decision.

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